Research Schools in Your Area

When purchasing a home, there are a variety of different elements that we consider as we make our big decision. In my opinion, picking the right school for your kids is one the biggest factor. Even if there’s no magic formula for choosing the right school, since every child is different and unique, I would like to provide you with the great resource site to help you making the right choice.

The site is GreatSchools is a non-profit organization with profiles of more than 200.000 preK-12 schools – public, public charter and private – and over one million reviews from parents, teachers and student sharing information about the school they know the best. I would strongly encourage you to check this website loaded with helpful articles, worksheets and videos.

Choosing a school for your childI also encourage you to click this image and read “Choosing a School for Your Child” booklet. It is a type of “decision tool” that can definitely help you navigate the process of choosing a school. It explains some of the public school choices now available in many communities and covers private school options that may be available as well.

It outlines steps that you can follow to help you make a thoughtful choice, and it includes questions that you might want to ask when going through the process. In addition, this booklet highlights new options for your child’s education provided in the federal law, the No Child Left Behind Act.

The law allows parents whose children are in public schools that need improvement or are unsafe, to choose other public schools or take advantage of free tutoring or extra educational help.

You can research Lake County’s Schools by using this interactive map below and visiting their websites.